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a musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young

A politically-charged musical, set within the maze and haze of Marrakech. The story of two girls’ activism - one British, one Moroccan – tackling ideas of generational conflict, the evolution of activism, and the interaction between mental health and an unstable political climate. Currently in development and supported by Concord Theatricals.




A musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young

Laura is from our world, Robyn is from another. A phenomenon allows the two women to meet on a London Underground train carriage for just 87 minutes. They fall in love. Afterwards, in their separate worlds, they tell their story...but don’t believe a word they say.


A MINI musical by 
Kate Marlais & Alex Young

Coming soon...




a musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young

A musical inspired by German DADA artist Kurt Schwitters, who invented his own collage-based art form, Merz. When Schwitters was declared ‘degenerate’ by the Nazis in WW2, he found refuge in the UK, in Ambleside, Cumbria. 

HERE is a re-telling of Schwitters' final years on a small farm in Ambleside, where he began what would be his final art piece - an installation collage on the walls of a small, damp barn on the farms grounds, inspired by the people, and their relationships, with whom he lived and worked. He called it Merzbarn. He died before it could be finished.

"Temporary" and "I Don't Hold With Making A Fuss" are featured in the ABRSM Musical Theatre Exam Syllabus. Recordings of the songs are featured below. Go to the Sheet Music Page to purchase and download. 

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