A MINI musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young


if I am real


A musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young

Laura is from our world, Robyn is from another. A phenomenon allows the two women to meet on a London Underground train carriage for just 87 minutes. They fall in love. Afterwards, in their separate worlds, they tell their story...but don’t believe a word they say.




a musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young

A politically-charged musical, set within the maze and haze of Marrakech. The story of two girls’ activism - one British, one Moroccan – tackling ideas of generational conflict, the evolution of activism, and the interaction between mental health and an unstable political climate.




a musical by 

Kate Marlais & Alex Young

A musical inspired by German DADA artist Kurt Schwitters, who invented his own collage-based art form, Merz. When Schwitters was declared ‘degenerate’ by the Nazis in WW2, he found refuge in the UK, in Ambleside, Cumbria. 

HERE is a re-telling of Schwitters' final years on a small farm in Ambleside, where he began what would be his final art piece - an installation collage on the walls of a small, damp barn on the farms grounds, inspired by the people, and their relationships, with whom he lived and worked. He called it Merzbarn. He died before it could be finished.